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Fontleroy Brown NF Pro
Price: $10.00

Designer: Nick Curtis

Format: TrueType; OpenType

374 glyphs!
(218 in original)

138 class kernpairs
= 7637 kerning pairs
(1093 in original)

I have completely redone the spacing in this font, making the sidebearings more conventional ;) And after replacing the kerning with fresh pairs working together with the new spacing the font looks like a real gem. I love it! :)
Nick Curtis says: "See the notes for Little Lord Fontleroy NF Pro; this is the solid version, produced at the request of the King of Ding, Jeff Levine.."


Fontleroy Brown NF Pro NEW Promo Picture
Fontleroy Brown NF Pro NEW Promo PictureFontleroy Brown NF Pro NEW Promo Picture