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Scriptina Pro
Price: $0.00

Designer: Fredrick "Apostrophe" Nader

Format: OpenType; TrueType

506 glyphs!
(253 in original)

188 class kernpairs
= 6832 kerning pairs
(1734 in original)

This is the 100th font released by CheapProFonts, and I wanted to make something special - so I have chosen to upgrade one of the most popular free fonts ever: the one and only Scriptina by the infamous Apostrophe! :)
After first cleaning up the outlines, spacing and kerning, Scriptina Pro has been expanded with a set of alternate letters without the loops and swashes, using the OpenType contextual alternates feature to switch them around automatically to avoid too many overlapping and repeating elements. You can also manually turn off the loops and swashes with the OpenType titling and swash features respectively. The originals alternate letters have been incorporated as stylistic alternates (and stylistic set 02) and the ligatures as discretionary ligatures if you should want them. The alternate non-script lowercase z is programmed as stylistic set 01.
In addition Scriptina Pro has been given the usual CheapProFonts large multilingual character set, of course. I hope many will enjoy the improvements and additional language support.
And, naturally: it is still free! :)


Scriptina Pro plain
Scriptina Pro plainScriptina Pro plain
Scriptina Pro alternates
Scriptina Pro alternatesScriptina Pro alternates
Scriptina Pro (no) swashes
Scriptina Pro (no) swashesScriptina Pro (no) swashes
Scriptina Pro titling alternates (no loops)
Scriptina Pro titling alternates (no loops)Scriptina Pro titling alternates (no loops)