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Aerolite Pro Regular
Price: $10.00

Designer: Jan Paul (digitized by Brian Kent)

Format: OpenType; TrueType

388 glyphs!
(195 in original)

4606 class kernpairs
= 54801 kerning pairs
(14545 in original)

The history of Aerolite, from Jan Paul: "The Aerolite fonts are essentially stripped down versions of a complex outline typeface I designed for the first Midnight Oil album in 1978, affectionately known as "The Blue Meanie". Many years later I saw the font "powderworks" and asked Brian Kent if he would be interested in digitizing Aerolite. Brian is a font (!) of knowledge and was of invaluable help by getting Aerolite to where it is today. Special care was taken in keeping the distinct character while as Aerolite Regular also providing a legible, thouroughly kerned body type which can be used in all sizes for large volume text."
For the Pro version the kerning has been tweaked further, and the character set completed and expanded - and the alternate uppercase A (also with accents) is available as OpenType stylistic alternates. It is now ready for your next international science or sci-fi project.


Aerolite Pro Regular Promo Picture
Aerolite Pro Regular Promo PictureAerolite Pro Regular Promo Picture