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Undecapped Vinyl Pro by Guillaume Séguin Font #158: Undecapped Vinyl Pro
Time to grunge it up again with another detailed masterpiece from Guillaume Séguin. Character set has been greatly expanded, ready for some rough and tough designs in many languages. Rock on!

DINfun Pro Drooped by Roger S. Nelsson Font #157: DINfun Pro Drooped
Another grunge treatment to my variant of the classic DIN 1451 Mittelschrift: the shapes have been drooped as if they were vinyl letters sliding down on a lightbox melting the glue on the adhesive. Inspired by unfortunate backlit signs regularly seen... ;)

More DIN variants to come... :)

Siamese Katsong Pro by Vic Fieger Font #156: Siamese Katsong Pro
A faux Thai font - but not over the top, just stylishly hinting at the foreign script. I have introduced lots of alternate glyphs, so it now has both lower- and uppercase letterfoms. Perfect for that travel brochure, ad or restaurant menu - in many languages.
Vic Fieger simply says: "A font based on a boldface sign in Thai".

DINfun Pro Missing by Roger S. Nelsson Font #155: DINfun Pro Missing
A stylized variant of the classic DIN 1451 Mittelschrift - with large chunks of the letters chopped away. This was a fun experiment in finding out how much of a letter I could remove and still comfortably recognize the letter :)

More DIN variants to come... :)

DINfun Pro Inktrap by Roger S. Nelsson Font #154: DINfun Pro Inktrap
A stylized variant of the classic DIN 1451 Mittelschrift - with exaggerated inktraps. Set in small sizes it prevents sharp corners from clotting up, but set in large sizes it give an interesting graphic effect :)

More DIN variants to come... :)

Pineapple Delight Pro by Kimberly Geswein Font #153: Pineapple Delight Pro
This font has a whimsical mix of four kinds of handwritten lettering: plain, looped, blotched and stylish double lined. The playful letter mixture really livens up the text. Cute. Perfect for scrapbooking :)

Familiar Pro Bold by Roger S. Nelsson Font #152: Familiar Pro Bold
Please enjoy this free "Bold" weight of our new 8-face family Familiar Pro. Download it and take it for a spin. Test out the quality of the outlines and the language support - and then come back for the rest of the family! ;)

Familiar Pro by Roger S. Nelsson Font #145-152: Familiar Pro
This family was inspired by a Type Battle over at Typophile: How would you design a font metrically compatible with Helvetica, but better than Arial? Working with preset letter widths was an interesting constraint, both a relief and a limitation at the same time.
I have done all the 4 basic weights, and the skewed obliques (done to a slightly less steep 10 degrees angle as opposed to the originals 12) has been optically adjusted. The letters have been designed quite close to the german/swiss grotesk tradition, but by using super-elliptical rounds, rounded dots and slightly curved outer diagonals the end result is a friendly looking font family that still looks... familiar.

Kingthings Scrybble Pro by Kevin King Font #144: Kingthings Scrybble Pro
This is a dotless version of Kingthings Scrybbledot Pro - perfect if you like the scribbles, but not the splutter. ;)

Kingthings Scrybbledot Pro by Kevin King Font #143: Kingthings Scrybbledot Pro
A fun and charming scribbled alphabet - perfect for scrapbooking and that handmade look. Lots of technical details to fix, but it now has a professional quality, and our impressive language support! :)
Kevin King says: "The Scrapbooking People have asked for grungy fonts - and this is one of my efforts to comply. I scribbled the letters in Paint shop Pro and imported the results into my font program directly. This is the first font i have created directly on the computer without any paper sketches - I think it took considerably more work!"
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New Releases
Celtic Garamond Pro by Levente Halmos
One of our bestsellers has just become even better. Celtic Garamond Pro has been polished up, and at the same time I have made to companions:

A Bold version - for more emphasis!
A Rough version - for a more antique look!

Enjoy! :)  

Rogers Blog
Wow! It has been 8 years since my last entry! Time flies! This is just a quick note to let you all know this site and its owner is still alive. There are no new fonts being reworked and released at the moment, though - I am too busy with my daytime job and other projects.  

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